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Sports Facilities Program
Sports Facilities Program
NIAAA Sports Facilities Program
Sponsored by: Toro, Hunter, SSC Service Solutions, Hellas

The Sports Facilities Program under the direction of the Sports Facilities Committee has been serving NIAAA members since 1992. The committee desires to provide a greater awareness among athletic administrators for sports turf safety and serves as a resource for athletic administrators relating to sports turf. The committee engages in a number of activities relating athletic administrators to sports turf. Among its many activities, the committee has written articles for the IAA magazine, conducted focus groups for athletic administrators, conducted sports turf seminars for athletic administrators at the national conference and performed facility renovations for high schools. The committee, chaired by an active athletic administrator, is the only NIAAA committee whose membership is a blend of active athletic administrators and persons from the sports turf industry.

Have sports facility questions? Ask the experts.
In an effort to provide additional assistance to NIAAA members concerning the maintenance of athletic fields, athletic directors will now have the opportunity to ask the experts. Questions pertaining to their athletic fields will be assigned to the appropriate NIAAA Sports Facilities Committee Member or NIAAA Sports Facilities Education Sponsor. An attempt to answer all questions will be made. Some will be included in the “Ask the Experts Section in each issue of IAA.

The expertise represented by the NIAAA Sports Facilities Committee and its sponsors is vast. The areas for which the committee has expertise include design and construction, renovation, soil analysis, irrigation, drainage, mowing, core certification, top dressing, seeding, fertilizing, sand-based fields, herbicide and pesticides, equipment, field marking materials, stenciling, landscaping, artificial turf, field usage, and sport specific issues, e.g., baseball mound maintenance, use of infield mixes, laying out fields, artificial turf, etc.,

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